Adjustable Leaf Rake, 120 cm

Adjustable rake with metal lock have excellent additions to your garden tools. They are a tool designed for cleaning yards and lawn care, namely: to collect herbs, fallen leaves, twigs and other debris. Rake - adjustable; made of high strength and wear-resistant materials, practical and convenient to use.

Key Features.

Total Length: 1250 mm.
Width of the working part: 600 mm.
Height of the working part: 460 mm.
Number of teeth: 15 pcs.
Handle Material: Steel (Zinc Plated).
Material of the working part: Steel (Spring).
Weight: 930
Article In box In transport
87023 0 18 125cm
Система Orphus
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Article: 91977
2-teeth Weeder with Lever
Article: 82010
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Article: 38011